On demand fitness training for outdoor sports. Built by pro trainers. Guided by pro athletes. Training levels for everyone. Get fit for the outside world.


Download the Seasons app. Choose your favorite outdoor sport. Select a level of training and start improving your strength and conditioning. From anywhere.

Follow pro athletes through a fitness program that’s built for you.

As you train, Seasons pros demonstrate and explain how each workout helps you become a stronger outdoor athlete.

Fitness training for the trails with Magnus Manson.

6 months of Mountain Bike Training available now in the Seasons app. Choose your level and get started.



  • Sport specific training
  • 1-6 month program
  • All levels included
  • 14-Day Free Trial
  • Cancel Any Time


Standard Trainers
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  • $100/session
  • Generalist Training
  • Train at gym
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  • $50/session
  • No training guidance
  • Train at gym
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  • $150/month
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    Seasons training will transform your strength and conditioning through a series of periodized training blocks that evolve from general fitness to sport specific fitness.

    General physical preparation (GPP) to develop capacity for sport specific training.


    80% GPP / 20%
    Sport Specific Training

    Evolution phase split between GPP and sport specific strength and conditioning.


    50% GPP / 50%
    Sport Specific Training

    Sport specific focus, concentrating on power, stability, coordination and balance.


    20% GPP / 80%
    Sport Specific Training

    In season phase for maintaining fitness while minimizing fatigue.


    30% GPP / 70%
    Sport Specific Training


    • What is Seasons Outdoor Training?

      We are a company that provides on demand fitness training for outdoor sports. Mass fitness options don’t prepare outsiders for the sports they love, and not being ready to ride when the season rolls around is negative amounts of fun. Built by pro trainers and guided by pro athletes, our sport specific training is built to get you physically ready and keep you ready, for every season.

    • Why should I try it?
      • Do you love the outdoors and want fitness with more purpose?
      • Are you an outdoor sports athlete who’s ever felt physically unprepared outside?
      • Are you a weekend warrior who fiends all week to let loose outside come Saturday or Sunday?
      • Are you a beginner just getting into an outdoor sport?
      • Are you hardercore and looking for a place on the podium?
      • Do you believe there’s nothing better than having fun with your buds on the mountains, trails or waves?
      • Are you just unsatisfied with your current gym or workout routine?


      Answered Yes to any of these? Seasons is for you.

    • What’s the training like?

      Seasons training happens pre-season, in-season and off-season, in 3 month increments. Workouts are bodyweight focused (with only minor equipment needs, noted below), and are best performed three days a week. Training is accessed via the Seasons app so you can train almost anywhere.

      Training follows the Block Periodization model, meaning you’ll be building from general fitness to sport-specific fitness over the course of the program. The Accumulation Block (first month) concentrates on general physical preparation (GPP) to develop capacity for sport specific training. The Transmutation Block (second month) will split between GPP and sport specific strength and conditioning. The Realization Block (third month) focuses on sport specific training concentrating on power, stability, coordination and balance. Finally, the Stabilization Block (months three through six) helps maintain fitness while minimizing fatigue during your season. Each daily workout is 35-55 minutes and modulates between easier, moderate, hard and really hard based on the week you’re in.

    • Who creates the fitness training programs?

      Seasons programs are built by pro trainers in collaboration with leading pro athletes from each sport. Athletes also serve as the face and workout guide of each training program.

      Our Director of Sports Performance is Serhat Yayla. Serhat is an ex Turkish professional soccer player and powerlifter who was previously director of strength and conditioning at the High Performance Research Centre at The University of Alberta, Canada. He is a certified sports scientist who has been training professional athletes for well over a decade.

    • Who is leading Mountain Biking training?

      Our pro Mountain Biker is Magnus Manson. Magnus is an incredibly inspirational young pro rider from Victoria, BC. He was a 2016 Junior World Championship Silver medalist, a 2018 Canadian National Champion, and a two time Cycling BC Adversity Award winner. A few years ago Magnus’s career was derailed after a one-two punch of a bad wreck on his bike, then, more seriously, a Cancer diagnosis. Despite these major challenges, Magnus powered through and showed his true spirit by riding and training throughout numerous rounds of treatments. He’s now in better health and wants to provide access to fitness training to riders of all levels, so they can have more inspiring moments on the trails.

    • What equipment do I need?

      Mountain Biking training is primarily bodyweight focused, but there are a few equipment needs. You’ll need:

      • A space to move around (living rooms, basement, garage, gym, etc.)
      • Water
      • A yoga mat or a pillow (something you can place underneath you while on the ground)
      • A Towel
      • A Chair or box (something sturdy to stand on. Medium sized coolers work too)
      • Light dumbbells (you can also use filled up water bottles, or even shoes, anything with a little weight)
      • Sliders for under your feet (if you’re on carpet, a hardcover book works)
      • Tennis Balls or hand grippers
      • A Kettle Bell (or anything with some weight to it, a backpack filled with books works)


    • How do I access the app?
      Download here:
    • How much does it cost?

      6 months of Seasons’ Mountain Bike training can be accessed for $20/month subscription, or a $100 one time payment. (We are currently offering Friends and Partners access for $14/month subscription or for a $70 one time payment.)

    • What if I think of another question later?

      Cool, we’re happy to help. Send us an email here and we’ll respond as soon as we can. Thanks and see you outside!



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